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How Much Does it Cost to Move In Boston?

A&A moving only charges for the services we provide. Our rates are dependent on each job, as we consider each unique scenario independent. Our rates are based on several of the factors listed below:
- The number of movers required for the job
- How many items that will be moved
- How far the relocation distance is
- How much moving supplies and packing materials will be needed
- The time of year, with busier seasons such as holidays and other peak times
While local moves are usually charged by hourly rates, long-distance relocations tend to be quoted by the entire job based on where you’re heading. We only charge for what is done. Moving shouldn't be extraordinarily expensive! Before we start moving your valuables, we can always provide a quote!

Questions People Ask Boston Moving Companies

Many people who are moving may be doing so for the very first time. If you’re unsure of what to expect, here a few questions and answers to help you be better prepared for the upcoming transition.
Do movers pack my belongings?
A&A provides professional packing services so you don’t have to worry about this time-consuming and stressful step of your relocation.
ill movers provide moving supplies?
Not only will we provide the necessary boxes and tape, but we’ll also supply blankets, protective plastic, and other materials needed to ensure all of your items are kept in perfect shape.
Should I tip my movers?
While tipping is never required, it is always welcome and appreciated. We hope that our you tip based on our efforts and quality of moving!

What sets A&A apart from our competitors?

A&A Movers is committed to serving you the best moving service possible. We have an extremely passionate and experienced crew that cares about the moving they provide to you. We only hire people who provide fast and quality moving.

Being a company with years of experience, we know all the complications that can arise from moving. We can deal with these problems with ease, and you won't have to worry about them! With our step by step process, we will make moving how it should be, easy and laid-back.

Starting a new life? We got your back!

People move for numerous reasons, for a new job,
for a soulmate, or to experience something new!
This time, let A&A movers make the process easy
and seamless. With our expertise, you won't be disappointed!



(617) - 792 - 9377


(617) - 792 - 9377


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